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Gizlilik ve Yasal Uyarılar

We are aware of our ecological responsibility towards human being and nature. Therefore we attach great importance at the choice of used materials to future recyclability.As well in our production, particularly environmentally friendly processes are applied.

Regarding design of the appliances we set greatest value on longevity and use of environmental friendly, i.e. recyclable, materials. The approved long durability of our products contributes significantly to the control of our environment. With the vacuum cleaners S 350 Öko Power and SC Öko Power, we have developed two environmentally friendly products. In both models, the Fakir Öko Power compressor motor is used.

Like in the turbines of a jet plane due to the compressor technology the paddle wheels in the fan of the vacuum cleaner are particularly aerodynamically shaped. They can be propelled very fast, so that at the ends of the nine ideal curved blades a high speed is reached.

And as the forces of the resulting air currents are very intelligent divided, the compressor technology generates in the fan an enormous airflow, a very high negative pressure and thereby a high dust absorption. Thus you also reach higher performance classes by devices that feature a lower wattage and that require less power.

Hence, the compressor engine combines two advantages in one technology: strong in performance, but at the same time economically in consumption. You feel the power output immediately when using the vacuum cleaner: a high airflow provides for an optimal dust pick-up and therefore for best cleaning results. The work becomes more thorough and is even easier and faster. The second advantage arises on the electricity meter: power of a big vacuum cleaner at a price of a small one. This does not only saves money, but above all the environment. Also in this point Fakir does not make any compromises: Thus, our Öko Power vacuum cleaners are, except of the power cord, 100% PVC-free, 90% recyclable and are environmentally friendly as possible produced considering the strictest European regulations.
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