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One of the leading brands of home cleaning and hygiene in the world, Fakir was established in Stuttgart, Germany by H. Wilhelm Kircherer in 1933.



“Fakir” brand was born by the combination of the German word Familie which means family and surname of the entrepreneur, Kicherer.


Committed to carrying technology to our homes since the day it was established, Fakir continues to add innovation to our lives. With a wide range of products and outstanding German technology, Fakir Hausgerate is one of the leading brands of the market! 


Fakir Electrical Home Appliances developed by German engineers in the production and R&D center in Vaihingen/Enz in Germany are sold in 106 countries around the world.



With the growth decision taken in 1985, Fakir Electrical Home Appliances entered the Turkish market with the assurance of Saruhan Group of Companies and met Turkish consumers.




Product Range


The brand that entered Turkish market with oil radiators and carpet cleaners has more than 150 products in its product range today.


Dry, wet and steam vacuums, cordless hand vacuums, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, kitchen appliances, irons, personal care products, health products, air humidifiers, air cleaners, de-humidifiers, fan heaters, scales, cloth dryers, ventilators and boilers are the products included in the wide product range of the brand.


Achieved to be the loved and trusted brand of Turkey in short time, Fakir Hausgerate continues to meet the Turkish consumers with outstanding German technology without compromising quality for 27 years.




Catching up with the growing European market and fast-changing technology, Fakir achieved to get a unique quality and reliability profile with its high value products. The company management with innovative planning, R&D department with intensive research and expert employees with high motivation play important roles in this success.


R&D  department ensures that new concepts are brought to life immediately and the technical improvement of existing products. Tight quality management, logistics system planned in detail, high reliability and customer satisfaction are the important details behind the success stoy of the brand so far.


As a modern and responsible brand, Fakir responds to customer needs and demand in the most appropriate way, with awareness of the social and commercial developments surrounding it. Fakir is known as a brand that constantly increases its quality standards and presents cutting edge technology products to its consumers.


Fakir is distinguished with its pioneer and innovative brand image in the industry from its entrance into Turkish market. The data declared by world's renowned research companies shows that the market leader of Turkish electrical and cordless vacuum market is Fakir Hausgerate.


Fakir Plus Services


Fakir Hausgerate, which has 5 District Offices in Turkey today meets its consumers with approximately 3,500 sales points including dealer network, corners, Fakir Shops and local and national chain malls.


Handling After-Sales Services in detail and having a borad service network throughout Turkey, Fakir proved the importance it attaches to consumers with the Fakir Plus Services it established in recent years

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